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Varietal & Local Raw Honeys. Strained, never filtered, to retain local pollen.

Welcome to Lee's Bees Honey

Lee recovering an errant bee hive

Lee’s Bees Honey is a small apiary located on the Cape Blanco Peninsula of Southern Oregon. We have approximately 180 hives and offer a variety of different Oregon honeys. As a rule, we routinely bottle Meadowfoam honey, which we get from our hives in the Camas Valley, and our local Mixed Flower honey, which comes from right here on the peninsula. If the weather is right, and the honey gods smile on us, we can also be assured a crop of either Blackberry, Raspberry, White Clover or Blueberry, all raw, all Oregon, all local.
All of our honeys are raw, which means that the honey is as close to nature as it gets; it has not been heated above 115 degrees so that all of the enzymes and volatile chemical compounds stay intact. It has been strained, but not filtered so that all the pollen, the wax particles, and the propolis bits remain in the honey; the result being that our honey is better for you and has flavor layers and subtleties that simply cannot be found in grocery store honey.

We produce a solid lotion “Bee Bar”  and a Beeswax Hand & Body Lotion  through an FDA approved company using our own beeswax and according to our private recipe. It is a wonderful solution for hands used to hard work! Fishermen, loggers, mothers, kids and dads love them!

We are happy to  package gifts for all occasions to your specifications. Corporate inquiries are always welcome.  Our online shopping is limited to the USA  so feel free to contact us .

Explore our site and enter the world of honey as nature meant it to "bee".

Jack Lawrence moves on.

20 Jack Lawrence was a Hell of a ManJack was a great man.  Jack was Lee's husband (the Lee in Lee's Bees) and went and died on all of us recently so we're still trying to figure out how to deal with it.  Jack was the guy you saw at the farmers market, usually wearing a funky shirt and was happy to give you a sample of the Lee's Bees goodness.  He was a big part of the heart and soul of Lees Bees Honey and answered the emails and shipped the honey.  Jack was always thinking of others:

He'd call me (the web dude) and say ' Hey Zach, I'm in Navada where booze is cheap .. what do you want?'

Naturally i'd say 'Jack get me some Jamesons or Laphroig, or any single malt that's on sale'.

Then about a week later Jack would call me and say ' Hey .. so I got you that Jamesons but we ended up drinking it but I got you this .. ' .. and that was fine with me.  He'd always come through with it.  It cracked me up. Kind of man he was. He'd drink your hooch and bring you something even better.  We'll miss him

SO Lees Bees is ready to take orders again.  I'm sure there will be hickups as we figure out how to fill that giant hole in the universe he left.

Cheers once and twice again to Jack Lawrence .. he was a good man

We'll be selling as soon as we get an eye on what we have in stock .. that was another thing Jack stayed on top of..

Holiday News and Schedule

Make it a Sweet Holiday Season with Lees Bees Honey. If your Holiday shopping, Lees Bees has got you covered. We will be on the road starting out in Yachats Oregon for the16th annual "Crafts on the Coast" inside Yachats Commons. Sat n Sun Nov 2 & 3, 10 to 4pm.....Then back south to Pony Village Mall, North Bend, Oregon for "Winter Craft Fair" Celebrating over 50 years! Sat Nov 16, 10 to 6pm Sun Nov 17, 11 to 4pm.. Then south bound again to "The 17th Annual Langlois Holiday Crafts Fair", at the Langlois Lyons Club Fri n Sat Nov 22 & 23, 9 to 4pm... Then we're off to Reno Nevada where the pavement ends and the west begins to John Ascuaga's Nugget for the "Crafts for Christmas" event starting on Fri Nov 29th, "Black Friday" 12 to 6pm, Sat 10 to 6pm, & Sun 12 to 5pm. We will also be at the Bandon Indoor Farmers and Artisans Market every Friday n Saturday thru Nov 17th 10 to 4 pm. You can also shop right here on our site. "You point - You click - We ship", via the USPS Flat Rate Packaging system. Thanx for your support and we will strive to bring you only the finest quality products "From The Hive". Thanx, Lee

California Clovocado Honey Jar 8 OZ

clovocado honey yum!

Warm and pleasantly nutty, just like California!  It's from Merced County, so it's not local but WOW, delicious!  A natural blend of avocado and clover blossoms that we couldn't resist!

Pure raw honey strained, never filtered, to retain local pollen.

Lee's Bees is a web site and Lee's Bees Honey is Upfront coupons

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